Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekend Trips

James and I have decided that with the children at home in the states we would go out of "town" at least once every month. Just to see this new world of ours. The trouble is every time I go somewhere turns out to be a great place that I want to return to. I think I have figured out away to see new places and visit the ones we like. My solution is go somewhere 2 times a month, one new place and one we want to visit again. I mean most places we visit are very affordable so why not. There are a few places that we want to go that will be a little more expensive and will only get to do one trip that month. I think I am getting used to this new life. I have been reading other blogs from people here to get ideas on places we have not heard about.
This is where we went this past weekend. I know that anyone here knows the journey to the place is sometimes as exciting getting to the place itself. I take a lot of pictures of people going on holiday because just when you think they can't pack a van any higher--they do! Have a look..........

Friday, June 19, 2009

Laredo Tex Mex

This restaurant is in the La Meridian hotel right across from the pyramids. The guacamole and salsa with chips was okay, the salsa is sweet and the chips were a little stale. Maybe not stale as they cooled they got a little tough. Please remember I am not a food critic just thought I would share our experience. The nachos were good, The chicken chimichanga's were good. The cheese quesa's were ok. We won't be eating there again because not close enough to Tex Mex that we are use to.