Saturday, August 30, 2008

Red Sea

James and I spent my birthday at the Stella Del Mar Resort it is located on the Red Sea. It was the best birthday ever!! This would be the first birthday I have celebrated without my children since having children, but it was better than I thought it would be. It's only about a hour away from where we live so the drive was great mountains and desert. We had a driver drive us and drop us off and then come back and pick us up. The hotel is beautiful most of the staff not too friendly but we met a couple of people who were really nice. Mostly Egyptians and people from Europe. Not too crowded, the food mostly buffet style-not crazy about that at all-but not as bad as it could have been I guess.

The one negative about this beach was that there were oil spots about the size of a half dollar that were along the beach that you had to avoid walking along the waters edge. I have a picture that I will include to show what it does when you step in it. It is very sad that they don't try to keep this off the beach. We will not go back here to this resort for this reason. To get this off you have to get warm soapy water and scrub for some time.

When our driver (best driver ever) pick us up he took us to the public beach where as he says he would take his family and I must say the water was bluer, and I did not see any oil blobs- no sandy beaches but not ugly either-I would go to this beach- I have included pictures of this beach as well and the people were very nice and the children are so curious. There are pictures of a new resort they are building also. And Israel is a bout a hour boat ride from there.

All in all it was a very nice couple of days. I love the beach, water and sunrise at the Red Sea.