Friday, June 13, 2008

Leaving a day earlier!

James' company is letting us leave a day earlier!! This means we will be the first ones there! I am so excited. We also got pictures of the flats (apartments) and the are brand new with all new stuff! I am not sure if we get a three or four bedroom yet but I am hoping for a four. One never knows when friends will be coming to visit. We did get our address but because I am not sure what flat (apartnment) is assigned to us I am going to hold off giving it out.

We got the insurance information and will have a conference call with everyone going to go over the specific's.

I have to go next week and get shots so things are finally getting underway.

We are still working on the details for the phones but it looks like that should be taken care of by next Wednesday.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Flyer Miles

I have to say as someone who would normally drive instead of flying I am looking forward to all those flyer miles! We received our itinerary for our flight on July 7, 20208 and because we are the ones flying even though James' company paid for the flight we get the miles. I realize that this may not be to exciting to read as a blog but I am really happy and wanted to share.

I do hope to improve with the blogging as I get use to doing it. I read other blogs and it so well written, so hopefully I will stop rambling and relay our day to day life where its both interesting and easy to read. I will be adding pictures on the 7Th so that everyone who wants can experience the travel with us.

I am still feeling overwhelmed with it all, and every time I think of Christopher I cry. I know that he will do well no matter where we are but as a mother I just can't wrap my brain around not seeing him every day. I know I have prepared him to the best of my ability for life on his own. I guess what I am saying is that I have always enjoyed being with my children-never once said I am so glad school in starting again-always loved being with them even on the bad days. I worked out of necessity not wanting to get away for my kids. I have to say I understand someone saying "I need to get away from these Kids". Any mom does. I not sure if us moving overseas is better Christopher or for me. Probably a little of both.

I am not nervous about the long flight, I like to fly just don't like how long it takes to do everything before the flight takes off.

I am waiting for more information from the Cairo American College. It looks very promising and I am very excited about the subjects they offer. We are still considering the possibility of home schooling for the flexability so we will see how it goes.

We are getting the details of the phone worked out and will have a phone number soon. Also working on our physical address so as soon as I get those I will be passing them on.

School in Cairo

Our youngest son who is going to Cairo with us has been home schooled since the 8th grade but we thought we would look into the American School in Cairo to see if thats something he might like to do. The information is available online and I have an email contact as well.
School starts August 12, 2008 so not too much time to get settle before school starts.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Progress finally

Today was full of getting anwsers to questions we have been asking. Finally getting this set up what a wonderful feeling.

Having relocated both ways- Me doing all the work or our company doing all the work- I have to say I think doing it myself would bring peace of mind. I am very grateful to the powers that be but have not learned to sit back an dlet someone else do the work.

Anyway I am glad we finally have some anwsers and can move on to the next list of things to do.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Not getting anywhere with this whole leaving the country thing

I have really been hoping to get somethings set up this weekend, but like this whole process has gone I still have not gotten things set up.

I have to figure out to take my border collie or not. Our vet has concerns about how long they would keep him in quaritine. Of course he is a herding dog so a day or two in a cage would make him crazy.
My second option is to have someone live at my house and take care of him. I would prefer this but it has to be someone that we can trust and someone that we know would take care of him.

What to do what to do.......

Saturday, June 7, 2008

One month until we leave for Egypt

It's a month before we leave and there is still so much to do. To say I am stressed is a huge understatement. I am not sure how it is all going to come together at this point. I know that it will happen, just not sure how.

Our oldest starts college in August. He is nowhere near being ready to go.

We have a complete house that has not been dealt with, and a beloved pet we are not sure at this point if he is going or staying..

and there is no address, no plane ticket, the contract is not what was agreed on, and they can't find the results from the physicals we had done.

Oh we do have passports that were done in like a week! Go figure.

I am not really a negative person. I just believe that things should be done in a certain order.

I'll keep you posted as to how it all turns out (lol).