Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Monastery of Saint Catherine (Katherine) & Moses's Mountain

This past weekend instead of going to Taba we went to St. Catherine's. On the way we stopped to see wells in the desert where we were told Mose stopped for a while. There were 2 wells that I seen. There are desert people selling jewelry and such. We stayed at Morganland Resort. It is a very nice (clean) place with a beautiful pool. We did not get in the pool because we did not bring our suits. So if your going and staying there take your swim suites. Our room was good, 3 single beds, tv, refrigirator, table and chairs. We told the front reception that we wanted to hike Mose's Mountain so they would wake us up at 1:00 am (yuk). So they did and we drove our own car to the Monastery and there you hire a local to excort you up the mountain. You have a choice to walk or go by camel. We decided to ride camels (they don't take you to the top). When we did have to walk it was tough. 750 steps, plus a little ways walking and the air is thin and it was cold. Now keep in mind that 70 is cold to me I had a jacket, and was still cold. I am guessing we made it to the last resting place before the top about 5am or so and we laid down to rest until right before the sun came up. At that time we made our way to the top and watched the sun rise. I have to say the sunrise is beautiful. I also have to say it's a good thing we did the climb at night cause if I could have seen I probably would not have done it. Remember we rode camels up but going down we decided that we would walk. It is easier going down, but still a workout. The rocks a slippery so wear shoes that won't slip. There were a lot of people up there, and still going up when we started down. Our guide was in sandels and leaving us behind. Although when we got to the last resting place before the top we all laid down to rest and he went to sleep and did not wake up until we started down the mountain. Going down the mountain we only seen him a couple of times! He was ready to go home and go to sleep. There were other guides helping people make it up the mountain. There were a small group having church as the sun came up on the mountain.
After the climb down we were asking about going into the Monastery and our guide told us it was closed, it was not but it is open from 11-12 only. Not sure I would do it again, but very glad we did it.