Saturday, August 9, 2008

Our weekend

Our weekend is Thurs & Fri so today we are back to the grind so to speak. We were and are always busy when James is off because we try to go do everything. We stayed pretty close to home this weekend just doing the boring stuff like grocery shop, cleaning, laundry etc. We are still looking for someone to cook and grocery shop for us, so hopefully that will be taken care of soon. Good news got my nails done. They only do acrylic or gel not solar but hey I just happy I still can get them done. I paid more than I would have at home but I am pleased with it. I went back the next day and got a pedicure and paid less than what I would have paid at home so there you go. I will be going back every 3 weeks or so. We went to dinner at the Maadi house it was bar be Que night and it was pretty good. Then the next morning we went to brunch at the Maadi house. It was so good. Real bacon!!!! The chef there is great. Then we just hung out at the pool. We had the best time!!!
I had to buy new shoes to workout in they are Nike's and lets just say I paid way too much for them!! I have been trying to order things from home because it still cheaper to pay shipping than to pay the inflated prices on American/world brands.
Yesterday we went to the mall and I bought a new outfit (cause I am so tired of the same ole clothes) and the store does the alterations on anything you buy for free. So of course the linen pants were way too long so I don't get them until Tues. I am not really liking the size conversion. The size 6 converts to a 40.
Oh I got baskets too!! I have been wanting them since I got here but have not been able to negotiate a price we felt is fair. So guess what James gets 2 basket for 70 pounds and they are great!!!!
I will try and get a good picture of the laundry basket so y'all can see. If you would like one just email me and I get one to you.

Anyway so our week has started and we are off to the pool. One of the ladies that I have met has gone to the states for a couple of months so I will be learning on my own so to speak again.

Oh yea we still have to go to the bazaar. The lady who enjoys going is back from vacation so maybe some gold in my future......

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