Monday, August 18, 2008

Got our shipment from home!

We finally got our our shipment from home and so far nothing is broke and nothing is missing! We have someone to help set up the computer (although I think we can do it) we want to make sure it is secure. Kief is very happy because he can finally get online to his favorite games and you thought I was going to say so he can do his school work! Just kidding he has his software for his math and that's all he lacks to be done. I still don't know when we will get signed up for Arabic soon I hope. We all need it.

If ever someone tells you to expect your shipment 7-10 days after you arrive in Egypt DO NOT believe them. It will never happen. If you are told that your shipment has been released and will be delivered add another week to that date. Expect to get a different answer as to why your shipment is not released for example.. the wood that the pallets are made out of is the wrong kind of wood, or your printer has to been held because they want to make sure you can not make money with it (WHAT) or the music CD's are the problem-believe me none of them are that special! They don't take the wood out of customs-keep or return the printer-and have all the CD's- just give me my stuff. Because we were expecting our stuff I shipped stuff (make-up) (flat irons) that I needed so don't ship anything you are going to need the first 30 days or so. The food items we shipped (we were told so many different things about food) not even opened. I have bottles of wine that I did not ship because we were told NO wine, liquor guess what you can ship any of that!

The jelly here is different, its good but I now have a jar from home. Peanut butter extra crunchy yum, and a bag of pinto beans. Christopher has also sent a few food items to us we should be getting them anytime. It was gift time at Dillard so I have a Estee Lauder gift coming. I needed new perfume and some place wont ship over here.

I think we are doing better on the grocery shopping over here-like I have said it's harder than I thought it would be. Learning the money (pounds) is the easy part, buying fresh fruits and veggies that's hard. Yes we all have gotten sick at least once-I seem to get sick every time I eat tomatoes (we never get them from the same place twice) maybe we should.

I went out yesterday by myself and walked around and never had a problem. That was nice. It was a great day!

As I am typing this the electricity has gone out again. It goes out A LOT here and you never know when its going to happen. When its out we have emergency lights that come on and that's it. No computer, no phone, no a/c, nothing! Well its back on-thank the lord for surge protectors.

Yesterday I had my hair done and I must say that I am thrilled!!! I was so nervous about it because everyone knows how slow my hair grows and well I had bad dreams about it not turning out good. All is well it looks great and she did it just like I would get it done at home. The lady that did my hair is a certified diver and she was showing me pictures! They were absolutely beautiful. There were pictures of hammer head sharks and clown fish and other fish it was great. I am so excited to start lessons! We wont start until November. I can't wait.

We have friends coming over so I am so looking forward to that, I can not wait to share this with them.

I know this is a lot of random stuff, I was stressed out about the shipment that I couldn't blog about anything positive so I just didn't blog. Maybe now we can settle in and feel like we live here. We really like it here, a lot more good days than bad. The weather is great no rain at all since we got here, hot sunny its great not as hot as it is at home though. The locals are telling me its going to get cold here-December and January in the 40's at night. Oh I almost forgot Ramadan starts next month. Everyone is saying that our street will change I can not wait its all very exciting. They also observe the time change and we fall back next month as well. So I will have lots of info on Ramadan and pictures to share!

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