Sunday, August 10, 2008

I have renewed faith that all people are honest

So yesterday morning instead of taking a driver to the M house we take a taxi. We let the guards tell the taxi driver where we want to go so that we get where we want to go. So we negotiate a price and we are off to the M house and very shortly we realize in the wrong direction. That language thing again. So here we are 2 people from Texas trying to tell and older Arabic man where we are wanting to go (yes it really is that funny because why do we talk louder when we are trying to communicate?) Finally we stop and he asked another taxi driver who speaks very good English thank the lord and we are off to the M house for real this time. Now its time we are on our way home and decide not to call for a driver and very shortly we hail a cab (they are everywhere really) and we again tell the driver we want to go home and give him the address. Thinking I would make it easier I offer a price to him and he says "no no too much I will take " and the amount was less than half of what we paid to get to the M house, We were home in less than 7 minutes. I was so amazed that I offered a lot and he was honest enough unlike the others to say that's too much. God bless him and his family. See just when you think that its all about the almighty dollar (or pound) someone comes along and restores your faith that sometimes it's just the right thing to do.
Since we have been here do you know how many time's we been riped off? Now do keep in mind that one of our dollar converts to 5.33 of pounds so we are not talking about a lot of money its just the principle of it.

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