Sunday, January 24, 2010


We stayed in Larnaka at the Palm Beach Hotel. The rooms are small and the beds very uncomfortable but we had a great view of the Mediterranean Sea. The weather was rainy and cool all but one day. The last day we were there was beautiful. The pictures in the previous post are from our first day of tours. There are 3 more days of tours and pictures coming. James and I both feeling a little under the weather did not do any other site seeing other than the tours.

I was very impressed with the island and there is plenty to do and see. If we go back again I would probably stay in Pathos (last tour of the week pictures coming) although staying at a B & B in the mountains would be my recommendation for anyone who is going to visit. Larnaka was nice but very touristy and we really had a great time even in the not so great weather just walking around the quaint mountain villages. The island is known for its 344 days of sun a year so anytime is a good time to go Dec, Jan and Feb are considered the winter month.

More pictures to come and I will write more about Cyprus. Also will be adding pictures to facebook at some point!

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