Thursday, July 10, 2008

Time difference and finding our way around

The time difference is still an issue we are waking up at all hours! I know we will get use to the time difference at some point but its really getting old. I did not expect it to take this long.

We have a couple of local stores like 7-11 at home close to us and the there is a store like Wal-Mart/Target to buy grocerys and household products. James has been there 2 times and I have been once. There is a huge selection of items. American food is very expensive but you can buy almost anything here. The difference is that it is a mall with mall stores and the grocery store would be one of the stores in the mall. Its not too far away.

We went to a store today to buy postcards it was like a teacher supply store very small one. We are trying to get familiar with the area so that we can walk instead of using a driver to go everywhere. I will be glad when we are not hunting for everything!

I (thanks to the support staff here) have found a place to get my hair and nails done!! Hooray!! I will keep you posted on this!

We are still not sure about the school yet, hope to visit there soon.

I really like it here and am very excited to learn more. Its hot and I love it! Its very busy here and thats a little hard to get use to but I have not found anything I just dont like.

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