Friday, May 8, 2009

Still missing those kids of mine

I know this has nothing to do with anything about Egypt. I am still missing those kids of mine and I can't wait for them to come visit! Counting down the days that's for sure.

We are planning a trip so there will be pictures soon of something we have not visited before so that will be a lot of fun but until then it's just me missing my kids!

I have adjusted to life with out them, but I have to be perfectly honest and say I enjoyed being with and seeing my sons every day.

Have I said I MISS MY KIDS! lol

My youngest is back in the states getting ready for college and catching up with friends. My oldest is finishing up his freshman year at college and looking forward to the summer (what little summer there is). My kids are great we are very blessed can't ask for anything more!

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Cairo Typ0 said...

Sounds like you have great kids. :) I think my own parents were thrilled when my brothers and i finally left. LOL