Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What we did on our summer 2010 vacation

So I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of Romania, there are so many pictures I picked just a few to share.

Next stop America! I hope you will check back to see pictures and story of our home leave. My youngest son and I left Egypt 2 days after arriving there from Romania headed to America and our home state of Texas.

I love that in most every town we went through there was a horse drawn wagon going through town!

The country side and Painted churches are a must see if you have the chance to travel Romania. Be sure and have your camera handy!

Some of the things I observed while traveling Romania is how social the people are. Walking down the street or standing at a gate or fence. In groups playing games each place we visited were either German settlers, Hungarian settlers or Romanian settlers. Gypsies tended to live outside of town in their own colonies or family groups.

In May we started our vacation by going to Romania, I have added a few pictures. Our youngest son picked this country because of the Dracula's Castle, which was great (not at all like you'd expect) but I was surprised how much fun the whole trip was. We had a personal guid Daniel drive us for 8 days and it was amazing. I would recommend Daniel to anyone who is wanting a personal tour guide or who is going with a group. While it was just the 4 of us Daniel is more than capable of guiding a group of people. The trip was perfect! We had great weather, stayed in a different town every night, the food was delicious and the places we visited beautiful. I can't wait to put my photo album together from this trip. If anyone wants an email to get in touch with Daniel just message me and I will get the information to you.
My most favorite parts of the trip while it all was good, the Merry Cemetery was better than I expected and then staying with a local family at their home, cooking us a traditional dinner and breakfast, and the children dancing traditional dances was really good! What a great family for opening their home to us!

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