Monday, October 6, 2008

Armed Forces Day

Today is a holiday so we decided to spend a few hours walking around the Khan al-Khalili. I LOVE that place! If you ever get the opportunity to come to Egypt I hope you take an afternoon to visit there. You don't have to buy anything but if you do don't be afraid to barter. I am not good at it (I know some people i would love to have with me) but I try. James is better at it. Have I said how exhausting it is? We were there only 4 hours I am so tired. Look at all the pretty gold!!! There are scarfs and leather goods and GOLD and old stuff and GOLD!! Oh my. Just kidding but its really a lot of fun and I just wanted to share. Next time I will take the pictures because James says nobody wants to see the same pictures again. They are not the same just the same place!

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