Friday, October 3, 2008

Egypt on CNN

This morning I was flipping through the channels and came across a story about the economy in Egypt. This story was on CNN. The City Stars Mall is where they were doing some of the story. I have been to this mall on several occasions and i can tell you that it's expensive. There are several stores that we have in the mall at home and the prices at City Stars are higher than we would pay for the same item at home. The mall here is multi level and lots of restaurants that we have at home. It's a really nice mall and great to spend the day because it's so big. About mid afternoon it starts getting crowded. We do these people get that kind of money to keep such a big mall in business? I am just thinking out loud. I know everyone knows that the economy in America is well in really bad shape. I think that it's the contrast in Egypt that makes it so hard to understand where Egyptians get the money to shop. I am just think out load.

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