Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feeling better already......

What a difference a day makes! Feeling better today not 100% just yet but feel better. So today to celebrate feeling better I went to the salon and had a facial! OMG it was great. I am going to put the name and address of the salon I use so that if anyone is looking for one please try it. There are a number of salon's in our area and I have heard great things about a lot of them. I was very lucky that someone who had been here for several years took me with here to her salon and I have been going thee ever since.

Beautique Road 198 Bldg 20 B Ground Floor Degla Maadi

I have my acrylic nails and pedicure's done there and massages done. Today was the first time I have had a facial and now I will be doing that every month! The prices are very good and the service is great.

I went to the doctor for a check up today after my facial and there were three of us ladies that know each other that were there getting treatment! Something is going around. James went yesterday because i just couldn't walk over to the clinic to get medications for me to start taking. Anyway I am on the road to recovery and hope to have my energy up by the time I met with my trainer.

The weather has been great it's beautiful here today.


ImmigrationLawLady said...

Hi, I read your blog all the time! Just wondering how much the acrylic nails are at your salon? Is it usually busy there -will I have to wait?


The Noles Family: USA to Egypt said...

The nail place I go to is Beautique on road 198 20B. They are busy but never had to wait they have always been ready for me at my appointment time.