Monday, February 9, 2009

My baby is 18! Where in the world did the time go.......

In a few days (when I am typing this) my baby will be 18. On one of my networking sites I have a friend who's daughter just celebrated her 5th birthday and every post she ways talking about how she was crying. I understand where she is coming from.

I remember thinking when my boys who are 17 months apart (and no I did not plan that) were little that they would never get big. It seemed like they were going to be toddlers forever! Having never been around infants or toddlers growing up I was always nervous always second guessing my parenting skills or lack there of. Honest to God if it had not been for Angela (my BFF sister) and Oprah and of course God I would not have made it. That is not an exaggeration. James was a wonderful father and had a niece and a whole bunch of nephews and cousins that he adored and who adored him and so he was quite skilled in the changing diapers, dressing, and playing with little ones. I on the other hand was raised by my granny who was old school lots of work and little play so believe it or not sitting in the floor playing was harder than housework and running the house. I remember thinking that they know I am not sure of myself and they can sense it. I could not wait for them to get bigger and I looked forward to the teenage years!

God blessed me with to very handsome, well behaved young men. Nothing that we have ever faced was very serious. I had it very easy and I am so thankful. I have great, caring, respectful, considerate, kids as I say in spite of our parenting. I am not bashing my self or my husband. I just saying we did'nt screw them up too bad! They turned out pretty good.

What I didn't count on is how very fast it seems to have gone. One moment I was in slow motion and the next it flew by. I know there was life living in those years that flew by man did it go fast. I tell everyone I know who asked (and some that don't) enjoy ever little moment even the bad days because in a heart beat it's gone-just memories. One minute your in a hurry and your little ones are hanging on to your leg and your trying to get loose so you can get on with your chore and in the next split second I would give anything to have that baby hanging on to my leg slowing me down because this time I would sqaut down and give a big hug as long as he need. Have I said I can not wait until I have grand Kids!!! Just a heads up they are going to be rotten!

Every birthday of my children I in a quite moment get their baby photo albums out and look through them and this year and for my oldest last birthday I won't do that because not thinking I had all the albums stored instead of bringing them and I really really miss that.

In case your wondering I am not sad. I am so excited for my baby being 18. I am excited to see the next 18 years to see all that he does and sees in his life. I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past, thank God for the present, and dream of the future. To thank Angela as I do every time a birthday comes around for helping me through with all those phone calls! I love you:) and to tell anyone with small children grandchildren enjoy every single minute it goes by so very fast.

Don't forget to take that moment to get to their level and hug them til they let you go. One day you will miss that!!

Happy Birthday Kief
I love you

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