Monday, March 16, 2009

Finally seeing the sun here in Texas

Okay so just in time the sun has come out. I am happy to report that there will be no body. If you know me you know what that means! lol

I have enjoyed being home although I feel like I am running in circles not gotten too much accomplished yet because I am waiting for the powers that be to give us the information on shipping our dog and storing the rest of our belongings while we are in Egypt.

I still have family and friends I've not seen as of yet, but we or I will before we leave the country. James has been working hard to take care of as much as he can so that I have time for visiting.

I have talked more on my cell phone this past week than I have the last 6 months. It's kinda nice just going whenever I want but I do love my life in Egypt is so nice and stress free (thank you James for taking me to a 3rd world country) who would have guessed I would love it. So I can't wait to get back.

I have not taken one single picture while I have been home because I forgot to grab the camera. So I will post pictures when James brings the camera.

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