Friday, March 27, 2009

Weather in Texas

The great thing about weather in Texas if you don't like it wait a minute and it will change. The only weather I like is middle of the summer when its very hot around 100 and dry. That's why I wanted to move to Egypt I thought desert hot dry no humidity perfect for me. Turns out in 2008 it was hotter in Texas than in Egypt go figure.
I love thunderstorms and I have missed the rumble of thunder in Egypt. I don't mind the rain if it's in the summer but I hate it when it's 80 one day and by the afternoon it's 30. You laugh everyone from Texas knows it can sleet in the am and be 80 by sunset.
The other day a front came through and brought some weird clouds with the cooler temps. They did say on the news what kind of clouds they were but I can't remember (sorry).

About my trip home so far. The first week I was here it rained, not a little rain alot of rain. Turns out there has been a drought here so of course we have to catch up on rainfall the first week I was home. It's was okay though my car has been giving me trouble since I got here and its keep me pretty close to home. I am getting it fixed as we speak. Thank you Donald!

We (James flew in the second week I was here) have gotten our border collie certified and cleared to fly and he has his ticket and will be flying home with James earlier than me. James forgot to ask for a ticket that can be changed so I will be here a couple of weeks longer than James and Jac Pott. We have movers coming next week and have been trying to spend time with friends and family close to home because of car issues. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can get to seeing everyone a little farther away. My sister lives in East Texas and I did not get to visit with her before we left last July so I will for sure be in East Texas some of the time.

So I am pretty sure that I have covered the same things in the last couple of blogs. Not really anything new to talk about. I am really looking forward to being back in Egypt and getting back to day to day life there.


Deborah said...

I love the photos. I miss "bad" weather!

Amy said...

I heard about those clouds... but didn't see them personally. They're pretty cool looking. Hope you're continuing to enjoy you visit (hopefully with less stress than before!)