Thursday, March 19, 2009

Team Work

James is flying in to help me get things taken care of because I have not been able to get one thing accomplished since I have been in Texas.

This has been such a frustrating trip and I hate not being able to get things done on my own. You know I am an independent women after all! James says he has never known me to ask for help and need help doing anything in 20 plus years of marriage!

Sometimes we have to ask for help and although I am not comfortable asking for help I am a firm believer that we all at one time or another needs help.

Still don't have my dog certified to fly over to Egypt, don't have the final word from LM of how they want to fly him or if they will even pay for-although they did agree to it in July when we came over.

My truck still is not working right, still have have not visited with my sister and her grand daughters, still have to pack up rest of the house and have movers pick up stuff and store it.

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