Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A bunch of ramdom stuff

So much to talk about!! Went to the Giza Zoo and that will be a blog all on it's own because there are so many mixed emotions about that. We had a really great time there but it's a lot different than going to the zoo in the states. I will get into this in detail but not in this blog today. I have a lot of pictures that are on James' my space page (I tried to put them on mine-crappy up loader) so go to James' if you want to see them now. They will eventually be on my space and here (some of them).

Okay we met new people from Texas wouldn't you know it and we are really enjoying their company. We went to the zoo with them and then to a restaurant that was really good. I just really have enjoyed spending time with them. God just put these people in our lives and they are just wonderful.

I have joined a bible study class here and I have to say that I am so excited about it. I have never heard of this series before Living beyond Yourself --Beth Moore, but I am really enjoying it. if you get the opportunity to do this bible study do it!
I bought myself a new study bible and I got it today. I was so emotional and I almost cried. This is the first bible I have purchased for myself. the bible I have used my whole life my granny gave to me in 1978 for Christmas. It was really special and I love that bible for so many reasons. I did not bring it because I didn't want anything to happen to it so I needed a bible to use here. Its must sound silly but I just wanted to share this experience.

I have started Christmas shopping already, not nearly as easy as it sounds being half a world away. I think I am up for the challenge though! Went to City Stars Mall walked all over that place and still did not find the store I was looking for! Good grief that place is huge. i am very disappointed in my shopping skills not being able to find my way around a mall!

Sill have not heard about the second year yet so kind of in limbo (not really) just want to get my mind around another year or going home you know how I am that way!
I have been going to CSA and taking classes my very favorite is the tower/reformer Pilate's classes-what a work out!
I have never done these classes before but they are great.

We are going out of town for a quick trip just two days and I am hoping to lay on the beach and read and relax. Storing up energy for Italy. I can not wait to see my son. I don't think I could stand it a day longer than the 13 of December. Its been a few years since we had a great family vacation and this is going to be the best one yet, although it will hard to top Disney World. I don't care how old you are that's the best place. I can't wait to go back to Disney World when we get back to the states!

So I will get those pictures and that blog done about the zoo in the next week and have pictures of us at the Sea again (all new place though).

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Cairo Typ0 said...

I'm jealous that you're going to Italy and hope you have fun! :) I can't wait until Eid when i can go and lie on a beach and finally relax. It's amazing how draining and stressful day to living in Cairo can be.