Sunday, November 9, 2008

How time fly's when your having fun

Just talked to Shannon glad she made it home safe and sound. Fastest 10 days ever!

I know that everyone can relate to this subject. It seems that time is just flying by since we got here. The things we have seen and the places we have gone, it has all just been amazing. That's part of the reason we have agreed to stay another year if there is a second year to stay for. We won't know for sure for another month so we are just going to enjoy this experience and if it's Gods plan for us to be here (God willing) the contract will get worked out. If not then he will lead where we are suppose to be.

Aside for a couple of "issue's" that are not related to Egypt we have had the time of our lives. It's no secret that we would not have seen any of this had it not been for James' company sending us here. So we of course hope to either stay here of go to another country. We really are praying we don't have to go home yet.

There are some very positive things that I noticed and discussed with my friend Shannon who was visiting from the states.

The first thing we both noticed is how much walking we do here in Egypt. At home while I was busy my life did not involve walking for any length of time. If things were really crazy the first thing I gave up was going to the gym. There were days I was running all day, but most of it was driving. So that's been a big plus is that we are able to walk and walk a lot. I guess it's a bonus that I can't drive the company car for insurance purposes. I at first was pretty mad because I love to drive, but it sure has been fun exploring this town by foot.

Unless you live in downtown (Dallas/Fort Worth) walking to the store or anywhere is not an option. So if your coming to visit someone in Egypt walk, walk, walk to get use to it before you get here!!!

The stress that I had in the states is not an issue here. It's true that I am not working over here. Shannon was here from 10 days and while it was a busy 10 days it was for the most part stress free. So needless to say Shannon did not want to go home. I knew that she would love this way of life here. I guess there are plenty of things here that could stress you out. Like not getting your shipment when your told you will get it (we have all been there). My advice is keep an open mind. There are things here that I had never seen in the states, keep an open mind.

Although we are eating healthy I have not lost the 10 pounds I gained before we got here, or the additional 3.9 I gained eating the cheesecake and bread here. In my defense they said we were going to a third world country and somehow in my brain I decided I wanted to eat all the foods I love and throw caution to the wind because I thought I would lose it very quickly once we got here (haha). So needless to say I will need to give up the cheesecake and cut back on the bread and be more constant working out and join an exercise group. So just so you know they have GREAT food here in Egypt. Just ask Shannon about the authentic Egyptian, or the Nubian food. That was good stuff!

I keep telling James I need at least two years to see everything I want to see. James' boss says three because I will think of more stuff the second year. Next week we have a quick trip planned and the next month we have our trip to Italy. There are two companies that set up trips for us here, plus a group that sets up trips every month that you can go on. Some are just day trips some are overnight or multi-day trips.

If you think Cairo (Ma'adi) is a laid back lifestyle (until they get behind the wheel of a car) Lu xor is even more so. Its beautiful, friendly and cleaner than Cairo. I can't wait to go to Aswan.

We are also wanting to go to Romania and do the Dracula Tour. Google that, it looks so interesting! So maybe in the spring (depending on if we are staying another year or not) we want to go on a 5 day safari.

I know that before I know it, it will be time to either go home or go to another assignment so I just want to enjoy this day by day. It's a wonderful experience.

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Cairo Typ0 said...

The big thing I told my husband when we arrived was that we were going to tour the region if it killed him! We still haven't done so but we have big plans! LOL

The romania tour looks cool!! :)