Friday, November 7, 2008

Maids that come at 7:00 pm on a friday night

I am not sure if this is something that is not spoken about where everyone looks the other way, but I am not happy about this. I will say that there are good maids and cooks that are exactly that, this does not apply to them.

Tonight last night with my friend from home we went for a walk down our street and upon returning to our building there were 3 Philippine ladies signing in with security. The first 2 were "regulars" but the 3rd one was new and the guard was trying to get her information from the sign in sheet. Mind you this is the same sign in sheet that my friend from the states had to sign in to upon arriving. While asking this 3rd lady questions she walks away saying her passport is good for 10 years. Now excuse me but if it is and you've written the number down and anyone questions it what is the issue with showing it?????

Come on ladies we are not stupid. I do not live in an area in the states where I have to explain to my children why married men have "maids" coming (in high heels) at night. Are we really that stupid.

Not too many things set me off but you have seen one of them. I know these ladies would not be visiting our building uninvited and while we have several single men, we have a few married men that seem to be enjoying the "maid" service available here.

I get it takes two to utilize the "maid" service. I am not saying it is the "maids" fault. They clearly are providing a service. Maybe I have found out Cairo's dirty little secrets. I do not care for it at all.

Feel much better now that I have gotten to vent. Oh and guess I will be using that new suggestion box we got in our building.

Can't wait for the wives to come visit at Christmas, won't that be fun.


Cairo Typ0 said...

Oh My God! Call me naive but i had no idea! Holy crap. (pardon my french) I'm with you! Goodness, i don't know what i'd do if i saw that in my own building and knew the wives involved. :(

Thomas Family on the Move said...

Thanks for cleaing up the definition of "maids".

Thomas Family on the Move said...

Thanks for giving me the definition of "maid".