Monday, November 10, 2008

The hard part about being so far away.

In the early hours (US time) I get a call from my best friend Angela. Her brother has passed away. Several weeks ago he was involved in a motorcycle accident.

This is the hard part of being a half a world away. I can't put my arms around her and tell how very sorry I am and that I love her and that every things going to be okay. It has to be enough to talk for as long as she needs to until she thinks she can sleep. She knows I love her and she knows every things going to be okay. We all know how crazy things can get and how many times has she been my safety net that gives me somewhere to rant and rave, hug and love and totally understands my emotional roller coaster. So Angela just know half way around the world I love you and yes every things going to be okay. Call anytime. Please hug your mom and dad and tell the brothers and sister our thoughts and prayers are as they have been for the last few weeks with each and every one of them.

I love you

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