Saturday, July 25, 2009

Camel sale

You know it's going to be a great day when you don't know where your going exactly! I have been wanting to go to a camel sale since I got to Egypt. Having gone to cattle sale's as a child with my grandfather and just being naturally curious to see how things are done here. Friday one of our team members took us to a camel sale that he had gone to the Friday before. I was not going to buy a camel just wanted to go and see it. I had no expectations so I was not disappointed. After driving what seemed like forever (about an hour) in the middle of I have no idea where I was we started passing vehicles with camels in the bed. No not cattle trailers, I have not seem a trailer one in Egypt. They put any animals in the back of pick ups. No need to go to the expense of a trailer. You have to be on the look out for running camel cause they are hundreds of camel being sold. We asked how much a camel was going for, not sure if this is right but we think 100 LE about 20.00 us. We took lots of pictures, probably won't go back, glad I got to see one. Most unusual thing that happened is that an older Egyptian women came up behind me a started touching my hair and talking to me in Arabic. This used to happen when we first got here so I did not think it was someone being mean, just kinda odd. Then a man asked me to take a picture with his child who clearly not so sure about all that. Not sure who thought it was more weird me or the child, but after the picture he looked up an smiled. What a sweet little boy.

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