Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lakes in the desert

While we are taking pictures and looking at the falls our escorts were having tea. Trying to find where the falls begin we found the source coming up out of the ground. Not sure if its piped in from somewhere or just comes from under ground either way it was kinda neat to see. The people were friendly not pushy at all, excited to see Americans and we enjoyed watching them at the falls. I know my story does not do the day justice. It was a lot of fun. We did not see the Whale bones from the map it looks like they are 34km from where we were. Another day maybe.......The escorts led us back to the check point and wave to us and we were off to eat at the Hard Rock in Cairo. By this time its late afternoon. While eating there we see that there is a Hard Rock in Hourgada

After the camel sale we decided to go to the lake that our team members had found the week before. There were suppose to be waterfalls out there somewhere and we thought we would go have a look see. So our adventure begins. We had been out to the lake before, James and the boys had when they went to ride 4 wheelers at Arabian nights.
A little ways past Arabian nights is a check point and we were stopped and asked where we were from. When we told them America we were told to pull up and wait. Another man comes up and says we will need to follow the military police they will escort us to the lake. We get to the first Lake with turns out to be Lake Qarun. The lake we had all seen before. We did not stop but keep driving. We are following our escort not really sure where it was going to take us but what the heck we did not have a thing to do today.
We drive forever it seems then we see another lake Upper Lake and not too much further we see the third lake Lower Lake. This is in the Wadi El-Rayan Protected area. By this time we had figured they were leading us to the water falls. Okay really hoping!
We were even given a map of the area that contained a guide. Fayoum, Gateway to the western desert, Egypt Home of the Valley of the Whales World Heritage Site.
The first Lake we came to was bigger than Benbrook Lake in Benbrook Texas (for those who are from DFW area) The next two lakes are smaller but still pretty impressive in the middle of the desert.
We arrive a the lower lake and begin looking for the waterfalls, we did not wonder around too long before we had locals enjoying the falls wanting us to take their pictures and showing us where the falls are.

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gwendolen said...

mashaAllah! i love your pics. so beautiful ones.. I miss it so much!