Friday, July 17, 2009

La Hacienda Ras Sudr Egypt

The water and beach are absolutely beautiful. The water was at low tide when we first got on the beach around lunch time Thursday but within a couple of hours the water was back "up" again. The water was warm, no jelly fish, and there were plenty of sea shells even sand dollars. The sand dollars don't look like the ones we have found in Florida these are thicker. There were only a few people when we first arrived but by evening there were a lot more people but not crowded by any means.

The resort itself was nice. Our room was small, had a queen size bed, t.v., mini frig. It did not have soap, or shampoo, or a hair dryer. We took our own soap.

When you go to a resort in Egypt it either has more than you'd ever need on a weekend with anything a phone call away, or it does not even have the basics you expect at a resort. Take what you will use that way your covered. We even take toilet paper cause you just never know here. lol
On the way there I was thinking okay we will probably be the only foreigners there and they will stare. At first we were the only ones there, and they stared, then later some younger people showed up and there looked to be some other foreigners, but they still stared.

Most every hotel or resort we have stayed at in Egypt the food is always presented as a buffet. Everyone that knows me knows that I just don't like buffet style dinning. I still do not like buffet dining. When we had dinner while in line at the buffet a man cut in front of me and James, the chef quickly told him (I only understood by his gesturing) to go to the end of the line. I was really impressed, and thanked him. Egyptians do not eat what Americans eat for breakfast. To me it looks like everything that was left over from the nights be fore's buffet. I do not know this to be the case it just appears to be the same food.

The cost for this resort was 395LE. Then they wanted us to pay an extra 100 LE because they said we needed another bed. We politely refused to pay anything extra and refused another bed. In Egypt it is my understanding if you are not married you can not get a hotel to reserve a room for you and anyone of the opposite sex. It is also my experience that the standard room for a married couple is two full or twin beds, which they offer to push together when we complain about wanting a queen size bed.

This was a very nice place with a beautiful beach that was not too crowded and not too far away. It is 208 km from Cairo. It was quiet but not "frilly". We did ask for a bucket of ice and they brought a glass, so we then asked for a bucket. They brought a bucket with just the glass of ice in it and said they were out of ice. Did I mention how beautiful the beach was! lol


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Listen which beach wa sthis you visited? How did you make your reservations? How did you get there?


The Noles Family: USA to Egypt said...

It is on the way to Sharm. We had our support company make the reservation for us. google La Hacienda Egypt and it will give you the contact for the resort and info