Saturday, July 4, 2009

Movies in Cairo

On Kiefer's last day in Cairo we went to the movies, ate at Chili's and bowled one game. The movie we watched is the new Transformer movie. I had no idea about the Egypt scences in the movie, and how close Petra is to the pyramids (it's not that close). The movie theater that we went to in a 3 story (no elevator) building where Chili's in on the ground floor as is the bowling alley. The theater is on the 3rd floor. We had heard stories of halfway through the movie they turn it off for intermission. They did. Also movie goers clap when the movie begins and when it ends. We also had to tell them which seats we would be sitting in when we purchased the tickets. We were escorted to our seat. The seats that were behind us they said were sold but no one sat in them the whole movie, not sure what thats about. Chili's is just like at home except no bacon. Bowling was fun have not done that in a while (okay a long long while) it was fun, hot if the air conditioner was on it didn't work very well. Its 100 everyday here just like at home.
Kief made it home safe and sound. The new part opened up at the airport and our expeditors are not allowed in that part so I was a little concerned about Kief navigating through but aparently he made it just fine. I have not talked with him in depth just that he made home.
Today James I went to City Stars Mall to eat at Macaroni Grill. The food there is just like at home, except no bacon and no wine, beer etc. City Stars is a beautiful mall but very expensive. They have lots of stores that we have in America but the prices are just unbelieveable. I don't know how they stay in business. We always go around lunch time so maybe they do all their business at night.
James was off today for the 4th. Our week is Sat-Wed are weekend Thurs & Fri. We wanted to go to La Hacienda but Eastwinds was full. Eastwind is the kennel we use for Jac Pott our dog. We are still trying to get a list of the days off so that we can plan trips when we have a 3 day weekend.

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Rory and Cindy said...

How fun, and very American! Glad he made it home safe...I would be a nervous wreck!!!