Friday, September 26, 2008

Back to day to day life here in Egypt

Getting back into a routine now that we are home from vacation. I spent two days uploading pictures to various networking site's wondering the whole time why did I take so many darn pictures. My fear of never getting back to Greece prompts my to take a pictures of every single thing I want to remember. Lord I hope my memory does not fail! LOL

I have a month to get ready for Shannon's visit and I can't wait. It will be great to catch up in person. I am so glad we have email and networking sites but I really miss sitting face to face with family and friends talking to them. Sure beats waiting on snail mail.

We went to the BX after we returned and guess what they had-Christmas Tree's. As we were walking out they had them in a corner. So now the dilemma begins... We have always had a live Christmas tree, being in a Muslim country and the desert to boot I realize that a real tree is more than likely out of the question but do we get an artificial tree. I also have read enough very informative blogs from people who have been here that say if you see something buy it cause you may not find it again. So I may have missed the opportunity and this may not be an issue anyway. Only one person on our team had a tree shipped over with their stuff. I used to be so organized! I wish I had thought that far a head.

The other day James and I were walking through our town here and we came upon a older women getting out of a car being driven by a younger man. Clearly the woman was struggling getting out of the car. So being us, I asked her Do you need some help? Her reply was thank you thank you so not quite sure she is understanding I ask her again and her reply is the same thank you thank you so I hold her arm as she steps up on the sidewalk and James is trying to open her gate. She thanked us again and then the younger man rolled the window and thanked us too. Not a big deal because we would do that at home without a second thought. So our discussion the rest of the way home was why are we so hesitant to be ourselves here?


Cairo Typ0 said...

We had a walking tour of Zamalik last month and were told about a few different plant/flower shops that would have christmas trees in december. I'm not sure when they get them in, but if Zamalek has them then Maadi is sure to. Do you have ornaments and decorations?

The Noles Family: USA to Egypt said...

No decorations, I have seen oranments here and there around Maadi. Do you know somewhere to get them? Thanks for the information on the tree's. I do appreciate all the information that you provide.

Cairo Typ0 said...

I'm not sure about where to buy ornaments and the like but my suspicion is that they will appear closer to the holidays. Check the shops that cater more to westerners.

Jennifer said...

Unless you're ready to pay an arm you will not be able to get a western looking tree, but there will be plenty of Egyptian substitute Christmas trees - cypresses, basically - and why not embrace the expat-in-Egypt style Christmas while you're here?
You'll also be able able to buy ornaments. Perhaps not what you're used to, but everything from beautiful handmade glass ornaments to tacky Christian images that obviously are made by locals here who tried to figure out what westeners would like. Not always on spot!
What we've figured out is that you'll have a better Christmas here in Egypt if you abandon any hope of recreating your usual American style Christmas, and just go with what is here. It will make your holiday a lot easier and enjoyable.

The Noles Family: USA to Egypt said...

Thank you for the advice. We are looking forward to it,