Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Football again

okay I got up at 3:00 AM to watch Monday Night football and now I am wondering What Was I Thinking????? So I think I will still go work out because I gained 10 lbs before I got here and another 5 after I got here-Oreo's are not my friend! Plus I quite working out at home a month before we left. Word to the wise mature women can not go that long and eat oreo's without it showing somewhere. So I go work out and I have 30 min left and they open the window to clean the outside of the building from the inside. Talk about hot. So I give up and come back home. Our flat is on the 4th floor. Yep you guessed it the elevators are not working. All the way up I was thanking God we dont live on the 12 floor!! I wanted to go to the pool but I dont think I can walk that far.
Yes I wuld like some cheese with this wine!!
Last night Kief decides he wants cheese cake so we call the bakery and the bring over cheese cake. How very awesome is that? Hey we lived in the country we couldnt get pizza delivered to our house until eight years ago. You can get fresh fruits veggie and just about anything you want delivered. I am not sure if I have said that but I am still impressed with it all. All the ladies try to get together every week. I meet a couple of new ladies who have been here for a while. Lots of great information.

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