Friday, September 12, 2008

Khan El Khalili

Here are some pictures from the Khan El Khalil. James took them when he went to pick up my ring we had made. We will be getting better pictures we we go back in October. I had been looking forward to going back but didn't get to go because I was sick again. I finally went to the doctor and so I am on the road to recovery!!! I have been sick since a week after we got here. I know better than to put off going to the doctor.

My ring is perfect! The jeweler made it exactly like I asked him too. Hopefully I can get a good picture and upload it.

We will be going to Greece soon so there will be more pictures and hopefully some video's of our trip. Check back in a couple of weeks.

Sorry the pictures are not in order, have not gotten the hang of that yet, when we go back I will get more details on the pictures themselves so you will know what the picture is of. :)

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Amy said...

What exciting adventures!