Thursday, September 4, 2008

Khan El Khalili

Shopping here was amazing. I don't have any pictures this week but next week I promise to take a bunch. I was going to take the camera and James said no just wait until next time we go. I could have cried. We went inside building that were built many many years ago. It just like I thought shopping would be like before we got to Egypt. It was very crowded when we first got there but by the time we were leaving people were everywhere.
Then our driver took me through a cemetery and you can live there with your deceased relatives! How about that. James says that he loves me but he's not sure about living with me after I'm gone!! I told him it would be REALLY quite. It looks so peaceful. I will try and get pictures next week of the cemetery also.
It was just a really fun day. We were trying not to stay too long because of Ramadan. Every one's tired by mid afternoon from fasting all day and I didn't want to take our drivers whole day up.
So next week I promise to have lots of pictures of Old Cairo and of the treasures I got!!

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