Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mail Issues

I don't understand why we have such a problem getting mail here in Egypt. I have been waiting for a package that was sent August 11, 2008 from home and still has not shown up. Its very frustrating because you expect mail to be able to be tracked. I thought using an APO address would be more reliable but that has not been the case.

Our time changed on August 28, 2008. Talk about fall back really early! I had no idea that they even did the time change here.

Nothing too exciting to talk about. We are making plans now to go to Greece for a week! I am very excited about this.

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Amy said...

Kimberly- I didn't realize you guys were in Egypt already! Wow! What an experience.

I've had to make my blog private, but if you'll myspace me your email address, I'll e-mail you the link to be able to view our blog.

Hope you get your package soon!

Amy (Myers)