Sunday, December 28, 2008

a break from Italy pictures!

We didn't buy as many presents as we normally do at home but the few that we had we put alot of thought into them and really tried to buy something that was really special. That was a huge success. The real difference was that at 12:01 we opened presents, the boys had wanted to do that for a couple of years and it was so fun! I think we might keep that new tradition! So you ask what did you do Christmas morning? Well we went to the Citadel and went to the Khan! What a perfect day for us it was alot of fun! You know how I love the Khan. Everytime I go I learn something new! Then we came home and cooked Christmas dinner! James and I make a great cooking team, I love that he is right there helping all the way through cooking-even when we are at home he does this! Here is a picture of our Christmas day trips.


Our first Christmas in Egypt was one of the best Christmas' we have had! Long before Christmas I was stressing over if if would be a good Christmas and I got a great peice of advice from a fellow blogger. That advice was do something different and we did. We have always had a live tree and so we bought a Cedar tree that is in the pot from our local plant place. Of course it's not 6 feet tall and it did not have strong branches to hold the heavy ornaments, but we did find a net of Christmas lights that fit perfectly and found small ornaments that did not bend the little branches. It is a beautiful tree and the very very best part was it's a great plant we get to keep enjoying! Once when I was growing up in Texas we had a tree in a pot and I loved that tree! We used to cut down our tree every year and that was alot of fun. So here is a picture of our tree this year.

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