Tuesday, December 30, 2008

To take a home visit or not to take a home visit that IS the question?

So here is my problem I think I need to go home to check on things and I don't want to go. Oh don't get me wrong I really miss my family and friends but I just love life here in Egypt. So whats the debate you ask well I have a neice who is going through some stuff and she is very important to us and I don't want her to feel like she is alone. Then there is my beloved border collie that I have missed terribly since we left him at home. I have a niece looking after my place and my dog but I just have this feeling I need to be home and I have been trying to push it aside for about a month now.

First I was going to wait until summer so that we could go to another niece's wedding (which we plan to attend regardless if we go home early or not. See if I go now I don't want to stay six months til the wedding so I would go back not such a big deal at all except I don't want to miss anything here!

I asked James what we do and of course his answer is lets wait until we hear about the 2nd year. Which makes perfect sense but I still have this feeling I need to go home.

My son who is here returns home in January so I think I will wait and let him arrive home and see if that settles me. I would really love to fly with him home just so we could visit for 12 uninterrupted hours!

If the conflict to the east gets worse we may get a home leave regardless. While I feel very safe here and just had warnings of places to avoid I do realize that we are very close to it and though not scared by any means want to be cautious.

Okay well that's it I feel better I have had my struggle for today!

I still need to finish adding all the Italy pictures! We have spent a small fortune on getting pictures developed. I am trying to put them right away into albums so that I don't have the huge box like I have at home!

We are having the time of our lives.


Queen O'Danile said...

Why didnt you bring your dog with you? I brought mine.

The Noles Family: USA to Egypt said...

my border collie has an acre of land at home to run. Here I wasn't sure if he would have an area he could run because we live in a apt not a villa. While he does well on a leash he does better off. He is a herding dog and his instinct is to round up anything- cats, chickens, any animals and it's stressful if he cant do that. My fear was that he would not be able to burn off that energy and develop bad habits. I was not sure about all the stray animals, and vet care while I now know is good here having never been here I was reluctant to bring my beloved pet to the unknown. Also he is very protective of us his family. The best thing about him is he loves children.