Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Zoo pictures

James was talking to Aunt Margie last night and was telling her about the zoo. I realized that I had not posted them but saved them as a draft. They are added now but you have to look back a older post because it posted them with the day I did the draft.

I was going to write about my feeling on the zoo but decided to leave it with just some comments. The only zoo's we have been to have been in the states so I keep comparing every experience to the same experience from the states. If you are coming to Egypt to live or to work long or short term come with an open mind. It's nothing like living in the states and maybe that's why we love it. It is completely different and hard to get that across without pictures.

There are signs of Christmas everywhere. Christmas trees and decorations everywhere. Last night James and I found a new shop that customizes stockings with names written in English on the top and Arabic on the "toe" of the stocking. I can't wait to get them and take a picture. Tree skirts, table runners, place mats, napkins, and bed sets all handmade!

I still have not gotten my screen to match my mirror but it should be soon. When I get it I will post a picture of it. James found some footstools that he needed and they are different than just a plain footstool.

Kief's computer that we ordered in Sept has never made it! We have had Chris, the post office at home and the Embassy here in Cairo looking for it. So now we have to file an insurance claim and you guessed it order another laptop!!! The mouse that was shipped arrived about 10 days after it was mailed from home go figure! It's okay if that's the worst that happens to us in our life we are good! Plus it was insured!!!!

James will be off most of the month because of the feast that's coming up and our trip to Italy. I love this place!!!!

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Cairo Typ0 said...

Where did you see that place to get the stockings made? We have stockings but i like the idea of those. :) They'd make a great keepsake from Egypt. :)