Monday, December 29, 2008

Riding 4 wheelers in the desert!

Thanks Aunt Margie for the homemade candy! It is delicious!

On the way home we seen so many farmers with their sheep heading home for the day as well. It still cracks me up to see Camels being rode down a crowded street and flocks of sheep going down the rode.

It was a beautiful day you could see the pyramids very clearly. Out in the desert it was so quite and clear I swear you could see forever!

We went to this place called Arabian Nights to ride 4 wheelers in the desert and had a blast! Can't wait to go back and stay all day!


Deborah said...

That sounds like so much fun! I may have to try to get a group together for that . . . do you have contact info for Arabian Nights?

The Noles Family: USA to Egypt said...

We had the best time and we only took the 1 hour tour. All we had time for since we have to be in the light grid by dark! It is a ways out of Cairo but so worth the drive! I am looking forward to spending the day. Before we left the owner who spent many years in the states introduced himself to us. My husband has the contact information. We called the numbers in the Ma'adi Messenger ad and I believe that my husband spoke with the owners daughter once too.Very nice people. The resort of course is not built yet but the have a riding arena the have horses, camels and 4 wheelers, dune buggy's. There is a restaurant there and rooms to stay overnight and camping in the desert. The owner (sorry don't remember his name husband has card) did offer to give us a tour but we just did not have time. I do remember him saying they have 23 4 wheelers so I think it would be a blast to have a group of friends go! Hope you have as great time if you get to go!

Saeb said...

Looks amazing! I knew there were places in Sinai, but not near Cairo.

I would love it if you could post the contact info, or at least the location - my wife would love this.