Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pictures of Italy (more pictures to come)

Yes this man can sleep anywhere! This was the easy part of the trip. We had to leave for the airport at 1:30 am. So we get to the airport, at about 4:00 am we get to board the plane, at some point while we are loading the plane the bagagge loader hits the plane so after are brief delay they cancel the flight because the plane is not safe to fly! They unload the plane and tell us they will take us to a hotel and then bring us back for a 4:30 pm flight! By chance while we were walking through the airport we ran into our expeditor who was quite shocked to see us after getting us loaded on our first flight! When we explained what we knew bless his heart he went into damage control and first he had us load the bus to go to a hotel then while we were waiting there for them to put luggage on the bus another man step on aked for the Noles family and said we had tickets on another airline. I think I am glad I don't understand too much arabic because there were alot of unhappy people on that bus. Our expeditor had gone to another airline and gotten us a voucher from the first airline for a flight that was suppose to leave at 11:30 am. Remember we have been at the airport since 2:00am. So we start trying to call Christopher who is flying into Rome 20 minutes after our original flight! Guess what my prepaid phone ran out of minutes, James' cell phone doesnt work once you leave Egypt so we did'nt even bring it, so at the last minute before leaving for the airport I grab our cell phone from home(USA). So guess which phone we end up using to get a hold of Chris! I have no idea how much thats gonna cost! I am still being positive because I get to see my son I have not seen in 6 months so at this point thats all thats keeping me from just freaking out! That was until our next flight was delayed until 1:30 pm we still don't know why. I have a new respect for anyone who has to deal with airlines and airports on a regular basis! I have never had this kind of trouble before and it was not fun. Honestly it had to have been the grace of God that kept me sane. I have never been that patient in my life for anything. I just knew Chris was alright and we would get there. Was not very happy with Marriott hotel we called them and asked if we could have a shuttle pick Chris up and of course pay for it and they would not do that! To make a very long story short we made it about 4:45 pm. I do have to say I have never been on a flight where they start moving the plane before everyone is seated. one extreme to the other!

We made it safe and sound and the flight was good, Christopher was good and we were eating at the Hard Rock Cafe by 7:00 pm! How cool is that!

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